Rhino Combi Ducting


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Rhino Ducting

To complement our high performance filters we have a range of professional quality ducting. We know there are lots of cheaper ducting products on the market, but to ensure maximum effectiveness we only supply quality ducting, manufactured to the highest standards for lasting reliability.

Combi Ducting

A multi-ply aluminium and polyester laminated ducting with a strong steel wire spiraled internal frame. It is very strong and does not tear or rip. It is also fire retardant and manufactured to strict European regulations to meet all safety standards.

Available in 5 and 10 metre lengths.


4" – 5m, 4" – 10m, 5" – 5m, 5" – 10m, 6" – 5m, 6" – 10m, 8" – 5m, 8" – 10m, 10" – 5m, 10" – 10m, 12.5" – 5m, 12.5" – 10m

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